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Transformer Analog Clock / White & Spots




Transformer Clock W-S2
Transformer Clock, created to mirror your individuality.

The Transformer Clock is a clear and minimalistic desk/wall clock that was created by Vadim Kibardin. Its simplistic and geometric design makes the Transformer Clock stand out as an eye-catching object in any interior bringing timeless color combinations into your room and enriching homes and offices with a modern style and shape.

Transformer Clocks have a black or white-colored body with a framed-spring construction of eleven sheets that can fold or unfold to display or minimize the clock face. Due to this clever design, the clock compacts into a small package which reduces your delivery costs. The Transformer Clock enables you to demonstrate your creativity, to create the shape and color range of the dial to suit any type of interior. It could grace any room in your home or your office with its colorful presence on a desk or wall. Or alternatively you can set up several clocks, each displaying a different world time zone.

The full circular clock face uses all eleven sheets to highlight the positioning of hour, minute, and second hands. But you don’t have to fold out a standard twelve-sector clock dial. Why not follow your imagination and show your creativity by modeling your own personal clock appearance?

The blades are made of PVC or PP, and the surprisingly light body of ABS plastic with matt treatment makes the clock installation very easy.

Enjoy playing.

There are many types of clock available on the market today. For the most part, clocks are functional. They allow people to be more productive, to plan out their days and be on time for appointments, whether an important board meeting or picking up the kids from school. However, the Transformer Clock is not only functional. It is also a piece of art - a way to show individuality and change the familiar clock form by playing with its configuration and the combination of sheet colors.

Transformer Clock W-S-1

High Quality Quartz Clock Movement with long shaft.

This clock comes with a high quality movement to guarantee perfect and reliable design. These compact movements are powered by "AA" batteries and were designed specifically for use with today’s new innovative clocks. It is one of the most powerful quartz movements on the market, and was designed to solve all problems confronting the makers of clocks containing thick shaft zones.

Unique Color Combinations.

Eight unique color combinations let you more strongly feel the wide range of characteristics associated with this design. The Transformer Clock comes in Black or White, Monochrome, Multicolor, and Spotted color systems. Black hands are seated against the warm white body, and white hands are used on the black case. It is always easy to read the time due to the sharp lines and contrast in colors between the hands and the background.

Transformer Clock W-w8

Technical Details

Desk/Wall Foldable Analog Clock
Vadim Kibardin 2014
Year of Release
Item Number
UPC Code
EAN Code
Case Color
Matte White
Movement Type
Quartz Clock Movement
Power Supply
1 x AA Alkaline Battery (not included)
Case material
ABS plastic
Sheets material
Hands material
Ø270mm, L62mm x W30mm x H170 mm (Ø10.63", 2.44"L x 1.18"W x 6.7"H) 
Package Size
L190mm x W100mm x H50mm (7.48"L x 3.94"W x 1.97"H)
Weight (incl. package)
Weight (incl. post package)
Czech Republic / Taiwan
A' Design Award
2016, Silver A' Design Award Winner

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