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Kibardin’s clocks are always a unique and innovative way of displaying time. One of these awesome timepieces is the perfect solution, whether you want to use your clock as an eye-catching detail in any interior, or just to display something revolutionary with perfect balance in design and function. We prefer simple shapes, and use materials that are best suited for this purpose. We are proud to present our latest styles of classic contemporary KIBARDIN timepieces.

Watches & Straps

Consider one of these inspiring watches if you want to make reading the time easier and quicker. Each watch has a significant and solid feel, and the chambered body is precision-machined stainless steel, topped off with a sapphire crystal lens. A JUST Watch, in any of five versions, perfectly fuses the metal case, the metal dial, and the leather or sturdy NATO nylon strap to give a certain masculinity to the wearer.

We have a wide range of straps to choose from if you want to personalize your watch. Whether NATO straps in solid or stripes—made from sturdy nylon webbing with stainless steel hardware, or from Swedish organic leather from the renowned Tärnsjö tannery—or straps handcrafted by a single artisan in Tuscany. We pay attention to the details and we never compromise on quality.


Our gift collection is absolutely stunning. The limited edition Nea Bank does more than store your savings, it adds a touch of comic relief to your desk or kitchen area. The Good Morning Teacup and Saucer set, in pristine snowflake white with a double-duty strapped finger handle, is a polished fine china set that is perfect for any occasion. The Green Boy’s ‘key’ function is to help the owner find the right key in a jiffy. Garry Soft toy is both soft and kind, it’s got soul. Handmade with love, skill and beauty, these are the perfect gifts for someone you love, or an ideal companion for your life.


We offer a wide range of modern, cleverly designed bags with a classic interpretation. This results in practical bags that are an absolute must for both business and travel. The new collection conveys a technical-look combination of black textile and wild black leather with stainless steel. These characteristics also make black an excellent medium for Kibardin minimalist design language, and bring you all the feelings of comfort and happiness.


The aluminum collection by Vadim Kibardin brings you the perfect combination of ultra-minimalist design and functionality. This futuristic style in a simple looking design both embellishes and protects your iPhone 5/5s/4s, business cards or USB flash drive.

Vadim Kibardin has designed a jet-setting collection of CNC machined aluminum pieces for the iPhone-obsessed. Prepare for your next overseas adventure with these cases and their accompanying rubber inserts, clever stands for personalized movie watching, and streamlined business card holders. With these pocket-sized items, you're ready to take the world by storm.