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Classic Duet Clock

$120.00 ex VAT

These wall clocks not only display the accurate time in your home, they also add a retro-futuristic accent to your décor. Classic designs with Arabic numerals, indexes, and different stick combinations, in addition to modern digital interfaces mean this collection of clocks can be used in virtually any setting – including kitchens, home and business offices, and social interiors. The digital module of the Classic Duet Clock runs only on mains electricity power, however, the CPU operates automatically and maintains the time in case of mains power outages.

This KIBARDIN Classic clock measures 346mm x 346mm x 43mm and is available in white, with a red LED digital module display. At KIBARDIN we understand and adhere to the principles of great design. Simplicity and functionality are fundamental to the KIBARDIN philosophy. Clocks are made to last, built from superior quality raw materials, and have easy-to-read dials and simple-to-operate functions.

Featuring a plastic case, a quartz movement and a digital clock, the simple design presents a clean white face with contrasting black markers and minimalist branding.

Csassic Clock2

Option to choose between 12 and 24-hour time for your convenience.

It is common sense to use the 24-hour time mode (aka military time) when you are dealing with anyone overseas. The standard 24-hour clock is more common around the world, but the 12-hour clock is great for domestic use.

Day and Night Light Mode.

The combination of independent analog and digital clock modules enables you to read double time during the day and see the time displayed in red digits at night. However, no one should be woken up or kept awake by a bright light during the night. That’s why automatic adjustment halves the LED brightness at 6 p.m. and returns it to Day Mode at 7 a.m. the next day. That’s our Night Mode, meaning that throughout your dark time our clock maintains its low-light status.

AC adapter with interchangeable plugs for the US, UK, EU.

Power adapters are essential equipment, no matter what country you live in. Our clock is equipped with one AC adapter with interchangeable plugs for the US, UK, EU covering the whole world.

Install the cords behind your walls.

The standard set contains an AC adapter with a five meter cord. Installing the clock’s cords behind your walls is a great way to extend your home or office without cluttering your floors with a tangle of cables.

$120.00 ex VAT

Technical Details

Analog + Digital Wall LED Clock
Vadim Kibardin 2014
Year of Release
Case Color
Matte White
Dial Colour
White with black printed and red LED digits
Dial type
Index stick, Arabic, Electronic Digits
Time + Time
Movement Type
Quartz Clock Movement
Analog Movement Power Supply
1 x AA Alkaline Battery (not included)
Digital Module Power Supply
Universal AC Adapter, input 100-240V, output DC5V
Cord Length
Case material
ABS plastic
Lens material
Dial material
Hands material
L346mm x W43mm x H346mm // 13.62"L x 1.69"W x 13.62H
Package Size
L430mm x W365mm x H60mm// 16.93"L x 14.37"W x 2.36"H
Czech Republic / Hong Kong
2 Years
DESIGN AND DESIGN International Award
2016, winner