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Erbiy Mashine

A device for production of Erbie (a rare-earth metal).
An instrument for the last stage realization – pouring of the metal into formers.

Victor: «One of the rarest metals. There is little or none of it in the earth. It exists only as vapor. Imagine the vapor that curls up over the craters of volcanoes. The metal is obtained from this vapor. These two drops condensed for 5 months”…

Director: “And that’s how the industrial complex where we are now is unique in its manufacture. Usually, as we know, erbie and other metals of the lantanant group are obtained from scrap. This plant was constructed only to obtain this rare element from the inexhaustible source – from volcanic emanations of our home Kamchatka. I would like to remind you the numbers that can shock the unfamiliar audience: to obtain 10 grams of erbie, we need to process approximately 400 000 cubic meters of volcanic emanations. The whole cycle of manufacture takes approximately 5 months. Once, at the end of these five months, we get 70 grams, which is not that little. By the way, it is approximately 10 percent of the yearly world demand for this unique element”.

Technical Details

Erbiy Mashine
REN-films movie association
Art-object, limited edition
Material Colour
ABS Plastic, Aluminium,
Manufacturing Year
Czech Republic 2009