For me, a project or an idea, which is ahead of time, is a concept. Many concepts will be realized by the studio’s efforts, but while they are in this section, you have the opportunity to purchase a package with all the necessary information and enliven any of them.


City camuflage Urban Tour.

A city is an established environment, often aggressive. In order to stick out against the crowd, an individual follows fashion trends and supports the system of new, brighter and conspicuous, commodities. What should do a person who does not want to stick out, who must perform a certain mission in the territory of the city, e.g., "amalgamate" with it, make a tour? The Urban Tour concept has been developed to address this problem. The mankind has invented a "Khaki" pattern that allows dissolving in the forest against the natural background. I suggest developing such an Urban Tour pattern which would make an individual invisible in urban environment. A pattern that consists of fragment of city images, urban environment shatters, pieces of everything around us. Being invisible means a lower level of risk.

Status: concept on sale, search for manufacturers!