GROHE Design Competition, Russia | Germany, winner.

In February-March 2004 the Moscow branch office of the Grohe Water Technology AG & Co KG company with the support of the "Interior+Design" magazine announced a contest among young architects and designers which was named "Water - is the valuable source". The main purpose of the contest was to attract attention to the careful use of water. After all, the economy problem of this "source of life" has been the key problem of the European community for a long time. Today this problem is becoming actual for Russia too. Due to the fact that the main theme of the contest was phrased in an extremely wide sense, nothing could limit the imagination of the participants. The lack of narrow terms led to interesting and unexpected results. On the 9th of March the judges which involved Grohe company representatives and the editors of the "Interior+Design" magazine ran the 2nd part of contest. Manipulazione Internazionale company (Oleg Zhukov as architect), designer Vadim Kibardin and architect Konstantin Larin were announced as the authors of the best projects and the winners of the contest. They were the authors who profoundly approached the comprehension of the given theme. And they showed the declared theme in their own absolute way. The extraordinary conceptual decisions, demonstrating the use of unusual techniques, were offered to the judges.

Vadim Kibardin's project is called "Rukomoinik RU". Its principle of operation demonstrates a way of economic resource use and is closely connected with the culture of water use in Russia. The simplicity of manufacturing and reliability of maintenance are the main features of the project. The winners’ projects and the 16 other bath scenarios were also shown in the Grohe show-room in Milan, Via Tortona 15 from the 13th to the 17th of April.

photo: Grohe