Promosedia International Design Competition, Italy, honorable mention.
Taiga Chair

The international exhibition of chairs - PROMOSEDIA – is the only event of this sort. In 2005 the exhibition took place for the 28th time.

The exhibition program is accompanied by various actions: the Award "Top Ten Award ("Top Ten"), PROMOSEDIA INTERNATIONAL DESIGN COMPETITION, its aim is to inspire and stimulate the ideas that can be put into practice. The participants have to show original and innovative approach to the creation of chairs, in justice to ergonomics, the choice of materials and the demands of mass production.

The participants have to present ideas for a chair for residential or contract usage (offices, cafes, etc.). The chair has to have a high percentage of wood. So, such objects like hammock-chairs, stools, benches, sofas and puffs cannot participate in the contest.

In 2005 for the first time for all history of international competition PROMOSEDIA INTERNATIONAL DESIGN COMPETITION a Russian designer became the winner. Vadim Kibardin has been awarded a special prize of jury for a Taiga Chair which has been designed exclusively (that is a competition condition) for this event.

The designs of the winners were manufactured by the famous Italian furniture factories and became part of the exhibition. The award ceremony took place on the opening day of the exhibition.

photo: Julia Kibardina