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Mega White Clock

Designer Vadim Kibardin completed work on the new digital clock in the KIBARDIN clocks line, this is the world's largest 3D printed digital clock.

Mega White Clock 1

KIBARDIN Mega White Clock

More than an year ago, the representatives of the Chasse Theater (the largest theater in the Netherlands) asked the studio to design an enlarged version of the well known White and White digital LED clock.

Mega White Clock 2

Original KIBARDIN White and White Clock

The original idea of the ​​White and White Clock fits perfectly into the concept of theater architecture - the "streets" inside the building. The interior, showing transparency without any barriers, was designed as a large open space for people communication, full of air, light and modern invisible technologies.

The wall in the hall central part is a composite dominant, earlier it outputted the analog clock projection with a circular 1m diameter dial.

Mega White Clock 3

Now here is a new clock.

Despite the proper size of the clock projection, the brightness was insufficient and it was difficult to read the time on a sunny day. As a result, the theater decided to replace the outdated gadget with the most modern one. However, there were no ready-made solutions of the necessary size and progressive design on the market. These circumstances were the cause of the Mega White Clock creation.

The White and White digital LED clock by Vadim Kibardin became popular all over the world due to its unique author's design. It is a manifesto of functional minimalism. After removing all unnecessary, the designer left only the most important thing - time. White and White Clock has won a large number of international design awards and has become so popular that you can meet them in any home, in thousands of offices, in public institutions in 56 countries, in numerous movies, in advertising, and in in the form of cheap and low-quality replicas and fakes.

Mega White Clock 4

Legendary White and White Clock.  Four white electronic digits change the brightness depending on the day / night time.

Mega White Clock 5

Nothing else, simply time.

The new clock has become a logical continuation of history. They kept all the important conceptual ideas of the previous models, but structurally and technologically, they began a new round in the KIBARDIN timepieces evolution.

Mega White Clock 6

Clock design and large size fit ideally for any public interiors.

Mega White Clock 7

House and Apartment

Mega White Clock 8

Company and Office

Mega White Clock 9

Hotel and Restaurant

Mega White Clock 10

Public Event

Mega White Clock 11

Gallery and Museum

Mega White Clock 12

Commercial and Film Props

Mega White Clock 13

Like a "Cheshire cat smile", white bright digits float in the air. The clock case is dissolved due to the ability to reflect the surrounding colors, and the falling shadow enhances the effect of transparency and lightness.

Mega White Clock 14

The design of the clock case is unique. Each segment is a complete standalone module printed on a 3D printer as a whole. The total printing time is 256 hours. Dimensions: W 47.25 in x D 2.36 in x H 18.90 in | W 120 cm x D 6 cm x H 48 cm

Mega White Clock 15

Cellular structure inside each segment ensures the lightness and strength of the clock case.

Mega White Clock 16

Each module has a separate PCB. Optimal quantity and LEDs location approved by calculations and conducting experiments with uniform illumination of screens.

Mega White Clock 17

Light diffusing screens are made from the highest quality organic glass using the CNC technology. The satin surface gives an exquisite and expensive look, a uniform glass structure dissipates light.

Mega White Clock 18

Air ventilation for PCBs cooling is provided by the remote holders and the vents located on the back side.

Mega White Clock 19

This design allows to replace the module or its components quickly, without replacing other units.

Mega White Clock 20

Carefully selected and tested materials are the best examples of modern technologies. The screens, back panel, and polymer case have unique characteristics. They nonflammable, infusible, UV protected, unbreakable, non-electrically conductive. Absolutely harmless.

Mega White Clock 21

After the all details have been manufactured, manual assembly and the finest adjustment of all components begins. Only in this way, by controlling every step in the production process, it is possible to achieve the best quality. Our clock inside is as beautiful as outside.

Mega White Clock has 12h / 24h time modes, during dark hours the light-sensitive sensor and the built-in intelligent light controller change the brightness of the digits to a less intense white. The updated software allows to choose the brightness of the day / night mode on a scale of one to ten. The moment of transition from day to night can also be selected from ten preset.

Now we are developing an App for smartphones. A built-in Bluetooth module and application will allow you to set a secure connection and avoid manual clock control.

The clock works with the mains electricity through the universal power adapter. Cable length is made on order. The built-in battery saves all settings and return the clock at the current time in case of power outages.

Mega White Clock 22

Chasse Theater

The project is finished and the result exceeded our expectations. The Chasse Theater is waiting for its guests in the new theatrical season. We are very proud of our work and waiting for new customers.

KIBARDIN design studio