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The Only Clock


Digital wall/desk LED clock with a hollow round face.

Only Clock video

“ The only way to predict the future is to have power to shape the future.” (Eric Hoffer)

Discovery Phase

Around two years ago I started to work on design a "near-future" digital clock – technologically advanced, functional, convenient to use, and aesthetically refined. I wanted an eye-catching interior object that would combine the traditions of the past with the technologies of the future, and that would also project a strong image of a high quality of life. Nowadays, clock production has evolved into a separate industry, with exhibitions, specialized shops and a corresponding service network; and technologies, materials, processes, trends, and markets that are continuously evolving. For more than 5 years, KIBARDIN has been helping to control your time and enjoy your life.

Kibardin’s clocks and watches are always a unique and innovative way of displaying time. KIBARDIN’s awesome timepieces are the perfect solution, whether you want to use your clock as an eye-catching detail in any interior, or just to display something revolutionary with perfect balance in design and function. We prefer simple shapes, and use materials that are best suited for this purpose.

According to Dieter Rams, good design is as little design as possible. In the process of making the Only Clock, I was focused on the essential aspects, not burdening his object with redundancy. Back to purity, back to simplicity.

Completely silent and precise – the world’s first mass produced frame clock. An expressive image and charismatic character make this clock recognizable and turn it into the highlight of any interior, while its non-compromising quality ensures many years of reliable service. Treat yourself or your loved ones to a gift of time and memories.

the only clock_p2

Finding the conceptual solution

The first phase necessitated research into wall clock history, culture, and model design, including functional properties and production technologies. This initial design phase holds the utmost importance for the optimal development and success of the project, and we began our search for the conceptual solution of a new digital wall clock with new and unique features in close collaboration with suppliers and our retailers. To establish the foundation for the new design, we launched a wide research campaign, looking into all the details, nuances and unseen processes of typical usage and maintenance scenarios.

To firmly establish buyer’s confidence and optimize engagement, the initial phase always includes production of conceptual sketches. These are not yet sketches of future products, but rather images that match the customer’s expectations, for example in terms of branding philosophy and current consumer demands.

the only clock_p3

These conceptual images usually become the roadmap for the remainder of the design process.

As new information kept coming in, we refined and corrected the specifications for our future clock, edging nearer to a clear understanding of its forms, materials, technology, assembly schemes, and usage patterns – from the general to the specific. In addition to sketches, we employed the techniques of rapid, paper-based prototyping, as buyers are generally more willing to provide detailed critiques of these simpler models. This provides an excellent platform for assessing ideas and gaining a better understanding of the project objectives.

the only clock_p4

Throughout the whole duration of the project, we produced prototypes and models with varying levels of complexity. Our prototyping process usually consists of several stages.

The process was interactive, with constant participation our buyers, who provided feedback on conceptual models and helped with quick decisions on key issues.


When it comes to design, simplicity is often the best policy. I used this philosophy to create an eye-catching and functional piece of art. Whether on a desk or on a wall, the Only Clock is certain to turn heads.

the only clock_p5

The material world becomes more complex on the inside and streamlined on the outside. Objects lose their massive material body and turn into contours, imaginatively reminiscent of their purpose. Modern technologies allow placing electronics inside the product housing in such a way as needed to turn it into a logically and conceptually sound frame-like symbol. I’ve been using frame technologies in concept designs and my own products for more than 10 years. In 2000 I first published the “Q-time” wristwatch concept, which later was used as a prop in the A. Zeldovich movie “Mischen” (“The Target”). 2009 saw the introduction of the “Sputnik watch” concept. And the White and White Clock started off in 2009 as an ambitious-concept Black and White Clock using individual OLED components, and a production-ready model in a white case was released to the public in 2011. The White & White Clock has drawn a lot of attention from fellow designers and the general public. The Only Clock is the next step in the evolution of time devices and is based on my research in the field of «framework technologies».

3D modeling phase

Based on the agreed solutions and concepts, we moved on to the 3D modeling phase. This phase allowed us to examine, refine, and test the product in a virtual mode without needing to go into the actual production cycle. Since 3D projects are nearly identical to the future product, we can continuously check and ensure the quality and accuracy of the production runs.

Using new standards of photorealistic visualization, there’s no longer any need to photograph the final product. The 3D modelling phase results in a complete and detailed image of the product that can be used to collect customer reviews, get approval, and initiate marketing processes. This phase entails the approval of not only the general product design, but also the finishing materials, colors, texture, and other visual-tactile characteristics.

the only clock_p6

Prototyping and specification phase

It was initially assumed that the ONLY Clock will have round clock face with Roman and Arabic numerals, but finally Clock has only traditional Arabic numbers.  After a long search and detailed experimentation, we produced a solution that met our requirements.

the only clock_p7

We went to tremendous lengths to satisfy the buyer’s needs before the final version was approved.

the only clock_p8

When the preliminary solution was found, we moved on to the second prototyping phase. Three versions of each were produced before the final decision was made.

the only clock_p9

Models from ABS plastics using 100% scale. These models were necessary for in-depth evaluation of the features, and general assessment of the forms.

the only clock_p10

After examining the produced samples, we made final tweaks to the design, pattern, and size of the parts, which allowed us to advance to the final stage of the project. The completion of the modeling phase includes the production of technical documentation, program files and PCB engineering, technical drawings, 3D models and files, and specifications according to the market requirements.

the only clock_p11

All technical drawings are accompanied by 3D images and models, as well as the files necessary to produce each part.

During the final phase, future products are produced onsite at our suppliers, using the materials and technologies of industrial mass production, in order to discover and eliminate any and all potential risks. At this stage we completely finalized the product characteristics down to the finest detail, resulting in a production sample that is ready for large-scale production.

the only clock_p12

By the end of the third stage we have produced the finalized operational sample – complete in all details including the final finishing of the surfaces. All materials, colors, and textures are in their natural, final state.

By acknowledging and leveraging our experience, I set out to understand the needs of the final consumers, experience their wishes, and assess their requirements. The resulting innovative solutions to the design and construction have already been acknowledged and granted patent protection. In all, we have produced a working prototype, the technical documentation kit, and the presentation kit, and developed the core solution for packaging, including all the necessary accessories.


The size of the clock is tailored to medium-sized interiors. The clock measures 300mm in the outer diameter, which ensures comfortable time reading from up to 8 meters. A clock this size can be placed on the shelf or on the wall, in groups or alone, in residential as well as office spaces. The room’s interior can be any style, since the clock does not feature any prominent massive housing or a traditional clock face. The clock literally ‘passes’ the environment through itself, dissolves it, and at the same time fulfills its function and projects the symbolic image of eternally flowing time. Round and round, day after day, not skipping one second.

the only clock_p13

This is the clean style of the clock’s housing - there’s nothing superfluous, nothing redundant, the surfaces gently curve and flow around the internal components, while providing the clock with stable footing for placement on horizontal surfaces. A wall mount is provided, allowing you to reliably attach the clock parallel to the wall axis.

the only clock_p15

The 90° rotatable DC jack allows for consistently convenient and reliable plug insertion in both horizontal and vertical positions. Note though, that a clock with this amount of white LEDs cannot be powered by batteries. Using the adapter and the separate 5-meter power cord you can display the clock in a place of your choosing, and power it from the nearest outlet.

the only clock_p16

Two control buttons are positioned inside the window, not visible at first glance, but always accessible from the front. These provide a convenient way of interfacing with the clock. You won’t experience any difficulty setting the time or managing your alarm.

Located next to the control buttons are the sound holes for the alarm. The only thing you’ll need to do is turn off this loud ringing - as fast as possible!


The clock is encased in a matte black-and-white housing with matte light-grey and dark-grey light-dispersing screens. The digits show the current hour. The current minute is shown by the glowing segment on the minute circle. The Only Clock allows you to see the precise time in a familiar, intuitive manner, the same way it is seen on common analog clocks with hands. This method is familiar to everybody - nothing is easier, there are no puzzles of any kind. The white LED color is not incidental – it blends harmoniously with overall black and white color scheme. Due to the contrasting colors you can easily read the precise time in any lightning conditions, but it won’t bother you during the nighttime or impede falling asleep.

the only clock_p17


The box contains the clock, a detachable 5-meter power cord with USB connector for mains connection on one side and a DC jack for clock connection on the other, a universal power adapter supporting all mains types, and a special plug matching the power outlets in the region of intended usage. There’s a choice of UK, SAA, EU, and US plugs for use in United States, Canada, Europe, Middle East, South America, Asia, The Caribbean, Great Britain, Ireland, Africa, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, Fiji, New Zealand, China, Japan, France, and more than 150 countries. Also included are the instructions, the 2 year warranty card, and a troubleshooting manual to help you find the solution to any non-standard situation and restore the clock to its normal functioning mode. Everything is packaged inside a gift box with soft padding that reliably holds all contents inside the box and protects them from any potential damage.

the only clock_p20


The new KIBARDIN ONLY CLOCK is a Digital wall/desk LED clock with a hollow round face. The frame of the Only Clock displays the hour digits and minute points, crafted in a white or black ABS plastic body.

  1. Be in real time. The biggest innovation of the Only Clock is that it replicates analog clock mechanisms with digital resources, showing time in completely new way. Each LED in the external circle indicates one minute and lights up for 60 seconds. So naturally, there are 60 LEDs in the internal circle just like there are 60 full minutes in 1 hour, and when the last one lights up, it indicates the actual time period between 18:59 and 19:00. In our video we marked the last LED with 18:60.

the only clock_p21

  1. Day or Night, you will always see the time. Our Clock shows only one minute point and hour digit in an optimal contrast mode. This means that throughout your dark time, our clock will maintain its day light status, however, you will not be woken up or kept awake by a bright light during the night.

the only clock_p23

  1. The Only Clock has an alarm function. This alarm is for those who have trouble waking up in the morning. It literally yanks you out of bed, as you need to wake up and go to the clock in order to turn off the alarm.

the only clock_p24

  1. The small DC port found on our Only Clock reverse side is a power socket for a 3.5mm Jack. Our Right Angled 90 Degree Jack lets you use the clock on horizontal and vertical surfaces.

the only clock_p25

  1. Although cables which have a 3.5mm Jack plug at one end and a standard USB A plug on the other may seem simple and largely indistinguishable from one another, there are differences that make certain cables better than others. Our cable is 5 meters in length and has all the internal qualities that a good cable should have, including tightly-braided wires inside a spiral foil shield. The braided wires help prevent electromagnetic interference and provide structural support, while the foil shield reduces interference.

the only clock_p26

  1. Install the clock on your wall with the removable hanger. The mounting hardware is located at the back of the wall clock. The Only Clock construction is created with a place for a special hanger. It has a big keyhole to help find the screw or nail, making hanging the clock easier and keeping it steady and flat.

the only clock_p27

  1. Install the cords behind your walls. The standard set contains an AC adapter with a five meter cord. Installing the clock’s cords behind your walls is a great way to extend your home or office without cluttering your floors with a tangle of cables.

the only clock_p28

  1. Power adapters are essential equipment no matter what country you live in. Our clock is equipped with one AC adapter with interchangeable plugs for the US, UK, EU, and Korea, covering the whole world.

the only clock_p29

  1. Maintain the time. The clock only works with mains electricity, however, a battery should be installed to maintain the time in case of mains power outages.

the only clock_p31

The Only Clock received the




DESIGN AND DESIGN International Award 2017, France.


the only clock_p32

Our customers from US, Japan, Germany, Italy, South Korea, Germany, Czech and other countries already enjoy it.

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